Max Patch

My friend Steven texted me in the evening and asked if I wanted to go do night photography at Max Patch, I said yes right away. We have been there several times and I had fun taking pictures every single time. After one stop at a gas station for a giant American size coke, a big bag of chips, two hours of speeding on the free way and crawling up the steep gravel road, we got to the parking lot. The one mile uphill hike was muddy and slippery. My runner friend Steve could have done me another favor for the day and carry me on his back, that way we both could get there quicker. Huffing and puffing, I got up to the top. It was a cloudy night with some light wind. The perfect condition to cozy up next to a fire and make memories with friends, but terrible condition for night photography. Though I did’t go there to just take photographs. The open freeway, the bumpy gravel road, the good company and the view of glittering cities below brought me joy. Something no photograph can record (probably I should learn to make videos).